The firm invested in Bobst’s VISIONCUT 106 LER die-cutters, a VISIONFOIL 104 machine and an EXPERTFOLD 110 A2 folder-gluer


Officials from Schäfer and Bobst. (Credit: Bobst)

Germany’s Schäfer Print & Packaging has purchased four machines from Bobst to boost its production flexibility and speed.

The firm has installed two new VISIONCUT 106 LER flatbed die-cutters, a VISIONFOIL 104 hot-foil stamping machine and an EXPERTFOLD 110 A2 folder-gluer at its undisclosed facility.

The VISIONCUT 106 LER machine is designed to allow the packaging manufacturer to perform most of its jobs at the highest running speeds as well as process thinner materials with basis weights of up to 170g/m2.

Schäfer Print & Packaging managing director Timo Schäfer said: “The sheets run very steadily and smoothly through the machines. With the VISIONCUT 106 LER, we can produce with reliably constant high quality.

“Their double-cam gripper-bar advance system both accelerates and slows down the sheets extremely evenly. The platen is also equipped with cam drives, and the Bernoulli sheet braking devices also enable smooth and even sheet travel.”

VISIONFOIL 104 machine allows embossing packaging

Designed to offer flexibility, reliability and stamping quality, the VISIONFOIL 104 machine is being used by Schäfer to emboss packaging with gold lettering and filigree ornaments for an undisclosed chocolate brand.

The VISIONFOIL 104 machine features external foil unwinding system to offer practically unlimited possibilities in the hot foil stamping.

Additionally, Schäfer Print & Packaging is using the EXPERTFOLD 110 machine to produce 28,000 four and six-corner boxes per hour.

With speeds of up to 450 metres per minute, the machine is equipped to produce several types of boxes from a wide range of materials.

In June this year, UK-based Jaymar Packaging has purchased VISIONFOLD 110 A2 folder-gluer from Bobst to increase the flexibility of its operations.

Scheduled for delivery in September 2020, the new Visionfold 110 A2 multi-purpose machine will allow Jaymar Packaging to handle a wide range of packaging including cartons, sleeves, four-corner trays and litho-laminated work.