Compared with traditional four-side seal sachets, the machine is said to use considerably less material to handle the same volume of product. Tablets packed in bandoleer style should also save on materials.

‘Stick-packs not only use less material than sachets but are also more easily handled packs for single dose medications,’ points out sales manager Peter Kierans. ‘Powders can be readily emptied into cups or glasses, liquids can be taken straight from the pack and tablets can be presented individually wrapped, or connected in a string of packs.’

A variety of easy open devices can be used including a laser-etched area which requires less tear strength.

The stainless steel machine can be provided with clean-place-facilities for liquid dosing. It can run at speeds of up to 120 packs/min from one to six independently controlled lanes, giving maximum production of over 600 packs/min.