Sana Ocean Screw-Top lids and glass jars are available in multiple colours and sizes


Image: The 110mm Sana tube is made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Sana Packaging.

Sana Packaging has introduced its second line of cannabis packaging made from reclaimed ocean plastic.

The company is now providing the Sana Ocean Screw-Top lids and glass jars in multiple colours and sizes.

The lids, which are child-resistant, produced by using 100% reclaimed ocean plastic in collaboration with Oceanworks.

Oceanworks works with the collection and processing agents across the world to deliver trusted sources of ocean plastic materials to the consumers.

Sana Packaging co-founder and CEO Ron Basak-Smith said: “The Sana Ocean Screw-Tops are the first of their kind and we can’t wait to see the impact they have on the market.

“Our pricing is increasingly competitive and the Sana Ocean Screw-Tops can replace any 53-400 closures currently being used in the market.”

Sana removed more than 16 tonnes of plastic waste from oceans

The company introduced the Sana Ocean Tubes at the starting of this year. The company is providing the Sana Ocean Tubes in 110mm and 78mm sizes.

Sana said that it has already removed over 16 tonnes of plastic waste from oceans with the support of its customers.

In January this year, Sana Packaging first announced the introduction of a new product line of cannabis packaging made from reclaimed ocean plastic.

Sana Packaging is involved in the designing and development of sustainable and compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. The company uses plant-based hemp plastic and reclaimed ocean plastic to produce its products.

Sana will reuse and repurpose hemp and other natural materials to produce sensible and sustainable solutions.

Oceanworks, established in 2016, is a marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products. Oceanworks will help connect trusted suppliers with companies to fast track the process of sourcing, sampling, and purchasing ocean plastic resins, yarns, components and products.

It has a network of collectors and processing suppliers from Central America to Alaska, Haiti to Southeast Asia.