British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has launched a new opaque packaging for potatoes aimed at giving them a longer life and reduce their wastage caused by discolouration.

The new packaging technique from the retail giant would prevent potatoes from becoming green and tasting bitter.

It is said to be completely opaque and yet giving scope for the potatoes to breathe. The new packaging technique obstructs light from reaching the spuds, which is considered as the main factor behind their greening.

Sainsbury’s packaging head Jane Skelton said that exposure to sunlight leaves many of the potatoes from making it to the table.

Skelton added: “That’s why we’re calling ‘lights out’ in our latest effort to help tackle food waste. We’re confident that this will improve the shelf-life of our potatoes and, while the packaging might be opaque, we’re hoping the results will be clear to see!”

According to Sainsbury’s, the discolouration is a result of a build-up of solannie caused by excess light on to the potatoes.

Solaine is considered to green the spuds besides giving them a bitter taste, said the company.

The new packaging will be introduced across Saibsury’s stores, for two potato varieties King Edwards and Lady Balfour, which are considered to be more susceptible to discolouration.

In another development, the British retailer said that it has also redesigned packaging on its own brand sausages.

It has started selling packs of eight sausages in connected snap packs to allow half of them to be opened and cooked while the other half to be stored or frozen for later consumption.

The retailer said that it has also introduced a portion-controlled packaging for its salad options.

Image: Sainbury’s to tackle potato discolouration with new opaque packaging. Photo: courtesy of J Sainsbury plc.