Automatic Redemption Terminals, the sorting machines, will help process aluminium cans, liquid paperboard, plastic and glass bottles


SAGE’s container sorting machines to support Western Australia’s container deposit scheme. (Credit: SAGE Group)

SAGE has announced the deployment of its container sorting machines in Western Australia, which will help to advance recycling efforts in the region.

The new container sorting machines have been launched to support the state’s container deposit scheme, known as Containers for Change.

Container Deposit Systems (CDS) has selected SAGE Group and mechanical partner Macweld Industries for the development and manufacturing of the sorting machines, called Automatic Redemption Terminals (ART).

The sorting machines hold the capacity to process aluminium cans, liquid paperboard, plastic and glass bottles in various conditions, including crushed containers and those with missing labels.

SAGE Automation coordinated with the University of South Australia and sister company Nukon to design and develop the ARTs, which will help to save time taken to sort and refund.

The sorting machines to detect and sort containers using IIoT technology

The ARTs will detect and sort containers by using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology and vision counting and sorting system, which was designed by SAGE, Uni SA and CDS.

SAGE has produced 40 terminals, which have been supplied to depots across Western Australia. The company has expanded its manufacturing capacity to meet the increasing demand from the customers for smart recycling solutions.

Its National Operations Centre is also involved in the monitoring of the machines from Adelaide, thereby delivering the first level of support to depot operators when required.

The terminals are said to serve as a cost-effective solution for depots, as well as help enhance the accuracy of the container return process and streamline the returns process for the public.

Container Deposit Systems executive chairman Brett Duncanson said: “Container Deposit Systems has driven improvement in recycling depot productivity by developing an aid to manual count utilising state of the art technology.

“The convenience and reliability of the system, confirmed through customer feedback, encourages recycling resulting in a cleaner environment. CDS is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.”

In July this year, Australian state Queensland launched new legislation to ban single-use plastic items in the state, as part of the sustainable efforts.