The latest biscuits featuring cartoon characters The Simpsons are being inspected by a Safeline Signature I.S. metal detector at Fox's Biscuits' Uttoxeter plant.

The Signature I.S. has been installed on a new production line at Fox’s Dove Valley Bakery just prior to the point where the biscuits are inserted into presentation tins.

Fox’s Biscuits specifies Safeline metal detectors as standard, as service engineer Lance Hollins explains: “We stay with Safeline metal detection equipment because it is extremely reliable and because we enjoy excellent back-up and service.”

Signature I.S. systems have a high operating frequency of up to 850Khz, reportedly 3-8 times that of the majority of detectors currently installed in food factories. Consequently, they can distinguish “tiny” pieces of steel, swarf and fine slithers of metal “even in the most difficult applications where the product itself gives off an electromagnetic signal”.