The bio-based polypropylene will be used for the manufacturing of jars for Beiersdorf’s NIVEA Naturally Good day and night face creams


Beiersdorf has selected SABIC’s certified renewable PP for new Nivea packaging. (Credit: SABIC)

Personal care products provider Beiersdorf has selected SABIC’s certified renewable polymers for the packaging of its NIVEA Naturally Good range of face creams.

As part of SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio, the bio-based polypropylene (PP) resin has been selected for the manufacturing of jars for Beiersdorf’s NIVEA Naturally Good day and night face creams.

Beiersdorf global packaging development head Michael Becker said: “We are excited to implement this important change in the packaging of our NIVEA brand products and to be the first in the skincare mass market to use polypropylene made from second-generation bio-based feedstock on a global basis.”

The new NIVEA packaging, which will allow Beiersdorf to reduce its use of fossil-based virgin PP, is expected to be available at point-of-sale outlets across the world from June this year.

The new product packaging is part of Beiersdorf’s Sustainable Packaging Targets 2025 initiative, which aims to reduce fossil-based and virgin plastic in its cosmetic packaging products by 50%.

Beiersdorf’s new sustainable NIVEA jars complement the sustainability agenda CARE BEYOND SKIN, which targeted a significant reduction of carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

The agenda has three major packaging goals to be achieved by 2025, including the usage of 100% refillable, reusable or recyclable, increasing the share of recycled materials in plastic packaging to 30% and minimising the use of fossil-based virgin plastics by 50%.

SABIC engineering thermoplastic and market solutions for petrochemicals general manager Abdullah Al-Otaibi said: “Innovative cosmetics packaging using our certified renewable polyolefins can be instrumental in minimising fossil depletion across a wide range of further consumer mass product markets, and Beiersdorf’s new NIVEA packaging can serve as a role model in this quest.”

In March this year, SABIC collaborated with oil and gas business BP to develop products from plastic recycling.