The new Kraft Collection includes a range of corrugated and paperboard food packaging solutions made with different materials


Sabert has introduced its new Kraft Collection. (Credit: Sabert Corporation)

US-based Sabert has expanded its sustainable food packaging product portfolio with the introduction of the new Kraft Collection.

The Kraft Collection includes a range of corrugated and paperboard food packaging solutions made with different materials, which are recyclable, compostable and contain post-consumer fiber content.

The new  Sabert collection includes a different solution to meet all operator requirements

Sabert’s new collection includes different solutions to meet all operator requirements, comprising delivery solutions, beverage solutions, catering solutions, clamshells and trays.

The Kraft Collection’s delivery solutions include meal inserts with intuitive dividers, which enables to pack food and beverages in the same, secure, to-go bag

Designed to safely and easily transport beverages, the Kraft Collection’s beverage solutions range from single-serve hot beverage sleeves to multi-beverage caddies to bulk containers for catering.

The Kraft Collection includes a variety of clamshells and trays that are sturdy and naturally grease resistant, as well as suitable for a wide range of foods

In addition, the Kraft Collection is comprised of sturdy catering trays and boxes for seamless transport without losing food integrity or heat. Sabert also offers six other product collections, in addition to the new Kraft Collection.

Sabert sales and marketing senior vice president Kathleen Deignan said: “The high demand for off-premise dining coupled with the strong desire to minimize environmental impact has driven the need for sustainable packaging solutions.

“The Kraft Collection offers the perfect balance of sustainability, performance, and versatility to help operators make a positive and lasting impression on customers.”

In November 2019, Sabert agreed to acquire LBP Manufacturing, a producer of environmentally progressive and sustainable food and beverage packaging.

Based in Sayreville of New Jersey, Sabert has North American facilities in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. The company also operates facilities in Nivelles of Belgium and Zhongshan of China.