The new Brilliance glass food storage containers have been developed for efficient storage and better presentation


Rubbermaid has introduced new Brilliance glass food storage containers. (Credit: PRNewsfoto / Newell Brands)

Rubbermaid, the Newell’s brand that offers solution-based food storage and organisation products, has introduced new Brilliance glass food storage containers.

Extension to Brilliance plastic food storage containers, the new glass containers serve as a suitable solution for refrigerator storage to oven reheating.

Designed for efficient storage and presentation, the base of the new glass container can withstand oven temperatures up to 450°F.

Brilliance Glass food storage containers facilitate easy reheating

Brilliance Glass food storage containers, which facilitate easy reheating, feature an advanced lid with 100% airtight, leak-proof seal and secure latches.

A splatter-free lid design and built-in vents under the latches enables steam to escape, thereby helping to microwave food without removing the lid.

StainShield plastic is used to produce 360-degree crystal-clear lids, while the smart lid system enables consumers to share their lids across all same-sized Brilliance containers irrespective of material type.

Newell Brands food business unit CEO Kris Malkoski said: “We all know this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be different, but that doesn’t mean it has to be anything less than the best experience.

“With the launch of Brilliance Glass containers, we can still give thanks and gift our loved ones our best meals in their best presentations – a premium gift that puts the giving back in Thanksgiving.”

In July this year, Rubbermaid collaborated with international recycling firm TerraCycle to launch the national recycling programme in the US and Canada.

Under the deal, the companies will focus on the recycling of well-used food storage containers of all brands in both countries.