RPC Superfos has provided its SuperLock pot for Danish start-up firm Nordic Gourmet Factory’s new gourmet popcorn.


Image: RPC Superfos has provided packaging for Nordic Gourmet Factory’s new gourmet popcorn. Photo: courtesy of RPC Group Plc.

NoCrapGourmet popcorn is available in various flavours ranging from the classic, caramel and salted to liquorice, raspberry and Belgian chocolate.

SuperLock pot, which is produced by in-mould labelling, features a black lid, large transparent area and modern artwork.

The pot holds a capacity to hold half a litre of popcorn, while the twist-off screw-on lid enables users to easily re-close it for safe storage and later consumption.

Nordic Gourmet Factory founder and director Tommy Jensen said: “The solution from RPC Superfos is different from other solutions on the plastic packaging market and we really like the screw lid – one of the reasons why we decided to use the SuperLock pot.

“Another point is that the pots stack well so that our distributors have the best options to create an eye-catching in-shop display. The SuperLock pot helps us to stand out from other products on the gourmet candy market.”

SuperLock pot combines oxygen barrier protection and membrane seal properties, which helps to keep food products for longer time.

The pot can extend shelf life of various products up to 24 months, including ready meals, soups, sauces, nuts, jams, vegetable spreads and pickles.

Earlier this month, RPC Superfos provided wedge-shaped pack for Sweden-based Skånemejerier’s latest Allerum mature cheese.

The company’s wedge-shaped pack with oxygen-barrier label enables customers to avoid use of plate for serving and only requires finger-contact to serve cheese.

In April this year, RPC Superfos provided its SuperLock container for Ranobo, a Belgian wholesaler of nuts, tropical fruits and rice crackers.

SuperLock container enables supermarket shoppers to mix their own selections of nuts, and is suitable for both point-of-sale allure and on-the-go convenience.

RPC Superfos provides advanced packaging solutions for a variety of food and non-food applications.