Weko UK says its RF compact rotor coating system offers a cost effective coating method for film, foil and paper applications. Particular benefits are claimed in the contact-free coating of anti static, anti blocking and anti fogging agents onto film, ensuring high quality levels are maintained. The system is said to ensure the precise and even application of sprayed droplets onto the film itself. The front and back of plastics films can also be treated with different coatings.

Used either as a stand-alone system on converting lines or retro-fitted to the exit of a film extruder, the Weko-RF is claimed to offer converters an ideal and economical means of providing a value added product to customers. In addition, Weko says it represents a worthy alternative to the installation of a full coating line, “avoiding the disruption and expense to business associated with such modifications”.

The system is also claimed to enhance efficiency and performance in coating of primers to prevent sticking in the flat and stretch film industry, and in application of anti blocking agents to reduce viscosity levels of fluids prior to coating. Similar benefits are promised for coating of catalysts in laminating plants to accelerate the drying process and increase turnaround, and for application of printing improvers on stretching machines as an alternative to corona treatment

The Weko-RF is said to allow application quantities to be automatically adjusted in ml/m2, relative to machine speeds, enabling further cost saving through more efficient usage of chemicals.


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