The DF1 semi-rotary offline finishing and converting machine allows converters to decorate, die-cut, slit and strip labels in a single step


The new Rotoflex DF1 offline digital finishing solution. (Credit: Mark Andy)

Rotoflex, the finishing company under the Mark Andy corporate umbrella, has launched two digital finishing solutions, DF1 and VTI Series to serve different converter needs.

The Rotoflex DF1 semi-rotary offline finishing and converting machine helps converters to accelerate production and profits while meeting the increasing demand for unique short-run labels in a simple, fast, and precise way.

Designed to enable quick set-up and dynamic operation, the Rotoflex DF1 solution has a finishing speed of up to 750 fpm for full-rotary and 250 fpm for semi-rotary, with accurate semi-rotary die-cutting functionality.

The machine allows converters to decorate, die-cut, slit and strip labels in a single step.

Rotoflex operations vice-president Manohar Dhugga said: “The thought process behind the DF1 came from customer needs to quickly enhance labels and ensure high-quality, inspected output in the process.”

VTI Series table-top finisher enables the detection and correction of missing labels

The VTI Series is an advanced table-top finishing machine designed to detect and correct missing labels, remaining matrix, splices, flags, spots, fading and missing colour, and defects in text and registrations.

It also helps converters comply with stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical and high-security packaging industries.

Dhugga added: “The exclusive URC 2.0 control system offers multilane counting and is the most advanced defect management system available in the market.

“The URC 2.0 increases operator efficiency by reducing set-up time and waste through its automated functionality. The optional biometric login security feature and an online dashboard for data analysis provide for a complete finishing solution.

“Another important feature of the VTI series is the eDrive 2.0, a system that increases production effectiveness through optimization of acceleration and deceleration while preserving roll quality and characteristics.”

For pharmaceutical grade inspection, the VTI series can be integrated with 100% vision inspection systems and with reverse fault placement functionality.

Recently, Polish print service provider Orion Znakowanie Towarow has commissioned Mark Andy’s Evolution Series flexo press to boost its label production capacity.