Re-launched into the UK earlier this year, Heineken has re-assigned its 330ml long-neck bottling requirements to Rexam Glass (Dongen).

In addition to manufacturing the beer bottles in Heineken’s trademark emerald green glass, Rexam has also undertaken production of a “no-look” PSL label in support of the brand’s repositioning strategy.

Rexam’s beverage can facility at Recklinghausen, Germany has also been busy in helping Diageo expand the appeal of its Smirnoff Ice and Smirnoff Black Ice brands to male drinkers in the ready-to-drink sector through the extension of both brands into 300ml slim-line aluminium cans.

“This break in tradition opens up the market to a whole new range of products that themselves are becoming more popular. Cans are perfectly suited to RTD products and, with the successful launch of the Smirnoff Ice brands, we could see a surge in orders from other similar RTD brands,” says David Brierley, UK sales director for Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia.