Returnity’s reusable packaging will be protected with Polygiene’s ViralOff antimicrobial solvent


Polygiene will provide ViralOff antimicrobial solvent for Returnity’s reusable packaging. (Credit: Polygiene)

Shipping packaging provider Returnity Innovations and Polygiene, a developer of antimicrobial treatment solution, have teamed up to develop a new reusable packaging product.

As part of the collaboration, Polygiene will provide ViralOff antimicrobial solvent to protect Returnity ‘s reusable packaging.

Said to be the first initiative of its kind for the packaging industry, the partnership will help fight plastic waste due to the Covid-19 related challenges.

Returnity Innovations CEO Mike Newman said: “What we do at Returnity is build out these reusable solutions and empower the broader systems necessary for companies to shift to the circular economy.

“By partnering with Polygiene, we are now able to create something that better addresses consumer needs in our world today.

“By creating this system that prioritises safety with antimicrobial coating for our packaging, we are providing a legitimate reusable option that the consumer can feel good about – from both a safety standpoint and an environmental one.”

ViralOff solvent helps prevent bacterial growth and keeps products fresh

Polygiene ViralOff antimicrobial solvent has been developed to help prevent bacterial growth and keeps the products fresh.

Polygiene CEO Ulrika Björk said: “Our vision is to change washing and disposal habits, and significantly reduce the environmental impact of a product.

“When we met Returnity, we realised that our objectives were aligned and that there was an opportunity to work together to further enhance their reusable boxes and bags by treating them with ViralOf.

“Anti-viral treatments have been a game-changer while navigating the pandemic and we believe that these treatments will become the new standard for reusables in the future.”

Returnity is engaged in providing reusable shipping packaging, designing and manufacturing cost-effective and lightweight boxes and bags.