Cartonlok has launched a resealable carton concept for dry granular products on to the global market.

The carton, which resembles an ordinary seal-end carton, can be packed on a standard vertical cartoning machine. The resealing feature is incorporated into the top-flap construction of the carton, giving it powerful consumer-use benefits. It is easy opening, resealable and has a tamper-evident tab.

“The resealable functionality can be incorporated into the construction by the carton converter,” says director Tom Bingle.

“The conversion is done in-line and, together with die-cutting the carton blank, a reseal patch is applied to one of the flaps. The converted carton blanks are then delivered to the packer ready for use.

“What gives this system it’s flexibility is that, instead of the converter doing all the work, the packer has a choice to incorporate the conversion to resealability on his own packing line provided he, and not the converter, holds a licence to do this.

“For years the vertical cartoning component of the carton industry has struggled with consumer perceptions of functional conservatism, resulting in the industry losing market share to the flexible packaging industry.

“The Cartonlok concept will go a long way in countering this perception and go even further in that it can augment bag-in-box applications, adding more consumer convenience in this sector.