Packaging and processing machinery company Reiser UK has announced its intention to expand marketshare in the bakery, ready-meal and fresh produce sectors, as the red meats machinery market reaches saturation point.

Reiser UK has made a name for itself in the red meats market, which accounts for 60% of business, with its German Vemag processing and packaging lines, and Ross tray sealers and MAP form fill seal equipment.

Managing director Dave Roberts – formerly managing director of Adpak and director Wrapid Packaging Systems – believes Reiser’s machinery portfolio is well suited to handling applications in the bakery and ready-meals sectors, which currently make combined sales of 15%.

Modifications are under consideration for the Ross tray packing equipment to cope with foil lids. The next generation is also likely to be more compact and offer the choice of non-MAP packing for ready-meals, says Dave Roberts. Experimentation is in progress with different types of gas mixtures for fresh produce, such as fruits and salads. Reiser is investing £50 000 into an enhanced test kitchen.