W-Seal is a patent and trademark pending technology from global flexible packaging manufacturer. Rapak


Image: Rapak has unveiled new welding technology for bag-in-box bags. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.

Rapak, part of DS Smith Plastics, has unveiled a new W-Seal welding system for more resistant and crack-free bag-in-box bags.

Rapak will exclusively provide flexible bags with new patent-pending welding to its customers from summer this year.

The company has developed the new patent-pending welding technique to make bag-in-box bags more resistant during transportation.

The patent-pending welding technique will create a new honeycomb-like pattern in the melted plastic

Rapak’s W-Seal welding technology will help create a new honeycomb-like pattern in the melted plastic. It helps in the creation of an advanced seal to prevent possible cracks and leaks at the welded seam.

The W-Seal technology will help reduce the risk of plastic cracking on the seam where the dispensing tap is welded into the flexible bag.

The plastic will be profiled with W-Seal technology to enable melted plastics to flow into the honeycomb structure, helping to create a better flat seam with anti-crack properties.

Bag-in-box with new welding technique will be more helpful for customers, as it can be used for long transit distance or unpredictable conditions.

Rapak Europe general manager Alexander Kayser said: “W-Seal will also be a big advantage for customers that use Bag-in-Box format in e-commerce, as last mile damages are very common in this channel.

“At Rapak, we are committed to the highest quality standards of our products, that is why we will upgrade all our customers to W-Seal, starting with our plant in Germany throughout 2019.”

In May this year, Rapak introduced Autokap 600 Bag-In-Box Filling machine with explosion proof feature for wine and alcohol spirits industry.

The new machine has been developed for an undisclosed wine and spirits company, which requested for a semi-automatic bag-in-box filling machine that allows for safe filling wine and high alcohol content spirits.

Rapak provides standard and custom-designed bag-in-box packaging solutions to its customers. The company’s bag-in-box products help extend shelf life, maximise storage efficiency and provide better barrier protection against light and oxygen.