Liquid packaging solutions provider Rapak, which is part of DS Smith Plastics, has introduced Autokap 600 Bag-In-Box Filling machine with explosion proof feature for wine and alcohol spirits industry.

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Image: Rapak's new Autokap 600 Bag-in-Box Filling Machine comprises explosion proof feature. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.

The new machine has been developed for an undisclosed wine and spirits company, which requested for a semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filling machine that allows for safe filling wine and high alcohol content spirits.

Following the request, Rapak North America has created Bag-in-Box filler for the Autokap 600 series filling machine to safely handle the filling of alcohol spirits.

During packaging wine or alcohol, vapours could escape during the filling process which would result in fire or explosive hazard in the surrounding area.

However, the new Autokap 600 machine for the wind and sprits company has been designed with electrical components and pneumatic systems housed in air-pressurized cabinets. This ensures any released vapors will not come in contact with electrical devices.

The new machine features NAMUR sensors that run at a lower voltage which is below the threshold of sparking.

Designed for wide range of fresh and stable liquid products, the Rapak’s Autokap 600 single-head semi-automatic filling machine features quick and simple bag size changes.

The machine allows bags to be manually loaded into the machine and after filling, they are released onto a roller conveyor for loading into boxes or crates.

The Autokap 600 liquid filling machine series for Bag-in-Box is a part of the Rapak’s portfolio of cost-effective semi-automatic and fully-automatic Bag-in-Box packaging solutions.

In 2018, Rapak North America has introduced new Autokap 1900 series liquid filling equipment for 30 to 55 gallons bag-in-box bulk liquid packaging.

The new liquid filling machine is suitable for filling hot and ambient temperature viscous products such as pulpy juice, sauces or purees with particulate as large as 5/8” in size.

Rapak’s new liquid filling equipment is installed with a Micro Motion mass flowmeter, which enables to maintain precise fill weights during the fill process.

Autokap 1900 series liquid filling equipment can be used for bag-in-box packaging applications ranging between 30 gallons and 55 gallons, as well as 1000-liter Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).