Ranpak said that AccuFill solution optimises the void fill material which, used in high volume packaging operations to increase the efficiency and productivity


The new AccuFill is a protective paper packaging solution designed for automated packing environments. (Credit: Ranpak)

Ranpak, a US-based manufacturer of sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions, has introduced a new automation technology, AccuFill void fill solution, in North America.  

The AccuFill is said to be the company’s next-generation protective paper packaging solution, which is designed for automated packing environments.  

According to the company, the new automation technology optimises the void fill material which used in high volume packaging operations to increase the efficiency and productivity of packaging operations.  

Ranpak said that the void fill is a paper filler material that is used to fill the free space in the shipping box and lock products in place.  

AccuFill void fill solution is equipped with AccuFill tower and FillPak SL converter  

The sensors present in AccuFill scan the boxes that come down the line in a packaging operation and determine box size as well as the volume of objects present inside the box and calculate the amount of paper required to fill the void.  

The void fill solution is equipped with AccuFill tower and the FillPak SL converter help communicate to dispense the correct amount of paper, with no guesswork required.  

Ranpak chairman and CEO Omar Asali said: “Our next-generation void fill solution is truly differentiated in that it combines sustainable, paper-based protective packaging with an automated solution that significantly increases speed, efficiency and performance in our customers’ packaging operations.   

“We are pleased to introduce the next generation AccuFill to help our customers decrease their environmental footprint and supply chain costs while protecting their shipments to ensure their products arrive at the end-consumer damage free.”  

The company said that the new solution features unique technology, which has memory storage of up to 30 different box sizes.   

By collecting the data from each box run through the system, Ranpak’s AccuFill can also provide six standard analysis reports.  

Furthermore, it can provide substantial sustainability and cost benefits, along with potential labour savings.  

Recently, Ranpak has launched PadPak Guardian, the company’s next-generation cushioning solution, in North America.