The packaging solution, CVP Impack, will measure, build, seal, weigh and label single- or multi-item orders of either hard or soft goods in different dimensions


MWI Animal Health selects CVP Impack. (Credit: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.)

MWI Animal Health, a part of AmerisourceBergen, has selected CVP Impack automated packaging solution of Quadient for enhanced warehouse efficiencies.

The CVP Impack, to be installed at MWI Animal Health’s fulfilment centre in Edwardsville, Kansas, is an in-line automated packaging solution, designed to handle a wide range of products in a single, easy flow.

The advanced packaging tool will measure, build, seal, weigh and label single- or multi-item orders of either hard or soft goods, in different dimensions, through a single, and easy process.

CVP Impack is capable of packing up to 500 parcels per hour and needs only one operator, which complements the social distancing requirements, said the company.

Also, the tool creates custom-fit parcels to reduce the need for filling the void, which benefits businesses reduce material costs of packaging, along with the environmental impact.

Quadient automated packaging solutions director Sean Webb said: “We know how important cost savings and sustainability are to shippers and are proud to support MWI.

“With the CVP Impack’s custom fit-to-size parcels and requirement of only one operator, MWI will experience savings in material and shipping costs while reducing its overall environmental impact.

“Customers will also enjoy the fast delivery and the ability to fully recycle or reuse each parcel the CVP Impack creates. It is truly a win-win for all.”

CVP Impack to reduce MWI Animal Health’s environmental footprint

Quadient said that its packaging solution is expected to support MWI strategy to enhance the efficiency across its warehouse and reduce the environmental footprint.

Furthermore, the fit-to-size parcels from CVP Impack would reduce dimensional weight for shippers and facilitates up to 50% less shipping volume.

AmerisourceBergen animal health business president Mark Shaw said: “MWI Animal Health continually seeks innovative solutions or services that better position the company to support our customers’ evolving needs.

“Through this new solution, we expect to increase our operational efficiencies and environmental sustainability efforts, while also continuing to ensure our customers receive the orders they need, when they need them.”

MWI Animal Health is a large-scale animal health distributor in the US and the UK. It serves veterinarians and animal health professionals, distributing almost all of its products on the same- or next day.