Media packaging specialist Duraweld has developed a range of recycled PVC solutions in a drive for sustainability.

Richard Senior Duraweld director explained: “It has been claimed that PVC cannot be recycled. It is often wrongly associated with ozone depletion and PVC in the municipal waste stream has been incorrectly cited as a major contributor to acid rain and dioxin pollution. In fact PVC has many environmental attributes but unfortunately this is not widely known.”

Duraweld is recycling its own waste to create a stationery grade PVC. It has also compiled a list of guidelines for the accurate definition of recycled PVC in the UK. “We have also developed and registered a symbol for easy identification of recycled material,” said Mr Senior. “This symbol is embossed onto every roll of recycled PVC material we produce and provides a quality benchmark that allows end users across Europe to recognise recycled materials with ease.”