The patented Arccure 'pure UV' system is designed for rapid curing of UV materials on heat sensitive substrates.

The pure UV technology separates the electromagnetic spectrum into ultraviolet, visible and infra red regions. The system carefully filters the radiant output of a selected UV lamp, emitting 95 per cent specific UV light wavelengths as required by an individual photochemical process. Any unnecessary energy, predominantly infra red and visible radiation, is absorbed and dissipated.

Special dichroic reflectors positioned around the lower half of the lamp reflect only specific UV light wavelengths back through the dense mercury vapour plasma. This ensures the lamp’s radiant power output is directed only onto two upper dichroic reflectors, which in turn focus only the UV light onto the material to be processed. “There is absolutely no direct UV irradiation”, the company affirms.

The result of reflecting UV light energy back through the plasma creates amplification of the photon irradiance by stimulated emission of UV radiation, thus producing a claimed efficiency increase of up to 50 per cent in the UV radiant power output of the lamp.

Various lamp types, arc lengths and power outputs up to 270W/cm are available with continuous or stepped power regulation. The lamp is mounted in a quick release module for rapid, single end replacement, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum. The lamp housing is fitted with a pneumatic shutter system. During interruptions in production, this automatically closes and lamp power is reduced to 40 per cent standby operation. Full power is restored instantaneously when required allowing production to be resumed at full speed.

German manufacturer Arccure Technologies has appointed UV Light Technology to market the system in the UK.