The collaboration is aimed at delivering Pur Q vials in EZ-fill secondary packaging format to ease fill-finish operations for drug development


Pur Q fused quartz vials in EZ-fill packaging format. (Credit: Stevanato Group.)

Momentive Technologies and Stevanato Group have established a new collaboration to supply Momentive’s Pur Q fused quartz vials in the latter’s EZ-fill packaging format.

Pur Q fused quartz vials have been designed to have an inert, non-reactive surface to prevent the risk of reaction with packaged drug formulations, facilitating stable and long-term storage.

Momentive Technologies claimed that Pur Q vials are the first ultra-high-purity fused quartz vial products intended for pharmaceutical packaging.

The company offers high-purity quartz products for processing and production for a wide range of applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, lighting, water purification, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.

Momentive Technologies global commercial director Robert Koch said: “Momentive Technologies is excited to feature its Pur Q fused quartz vials in the SG EZ-fill packaging platform.

“Providing our ultra-high-purity vials to the market in this ready-to-use format allows the industry to screen early-stage drug formulations and simply scale up to full production, without changing the container or filling process.

“Due to the vials’ highly inert properties, biopharmaceutical companies will be able to confidently take the container out of the equation when assessing the viability of formulations, helping to accelerate the development of increasingly complex and sensitive biologic drug formulations.”

Pur Q vials in EZ-fill packaging to enable rapid development and distribution of medicines

The combination of Pur Q fused quartz vials with EZ-fill technology is expected to benefit biopharmaceutical firms with improved drug development speed.

It will also enable faster manufacture of lifesaving medicines though a stable primary packaging and an effective secondary packaging method.

Stevanato Group product management director Fabio Bertacchini said: “It is with great pride that we announce the agreement with Momentive Technologies to package the company’s ultra-high-purity Pur Q quartz vials in our SG EZ-fill format.

“Biopharma companies can now count on an additional robust primary packaging option that complements our ready-to-use secondary packaging solution to enable lean manufacturing, production flexibility and ease of use.

“In choosing our cost-efficient, scalable EZ-fill platform, Momentive Technologies has endorsed an industry-verified solution that has been proven over more than a decade by over 30 fill-finish machine manufacturers on more than 250 filling lines.”