The partnership intends to incorporate Recon²’s breakthrough technology for quantifying recycled content into flexible packaging platforms


ProAmpac has partnered with Recon2 to quantify recycled content in plastic products and packaging. (Credit: ProAmpac)

Flexible packaging firm ProAmpac has partnered with non-profit Recon2, a University of Manchester, UK spin-off company, to quantify recycled content in plastic products and packaging using the latter’s patented technology.

Through this partnership, ProAmpac will collaborate with researchers at the University of Manchester’s Innovation Factory and Recon2 in response to new legislation to increase recycling efforts in the EU and UK.

The partnership intends to incorporate the Recon2 recycled content technology for quantifying recycled content into flexible packaging platforms, Cincinnati-based ProAmpac said.

ProAmpac Europe Blown Films technical director Robert Crowe said: “In an effort to address recycled content that did not previously have quantifiable capabilities, we believe the Recon2 technology has the potential to provide a clear indication of the quantity of recycled content in packaging where today there is no method to quantify.

“This promotes accountability and transparency within the PCR supply chain and showcases ProAmpac’s dedication to the impact of our sustainability initiatives.”

A uniform trust mark certification and labelling technique will be utilised in conjunction with OPRL to notify customers about the post-consumer recyclate (PCR) levels.

This certification will be supported by the fundamental technology examined in this study, giving customers more assurance that they can achieve their sustainability objectives, the flexible packaging firm noted.

University of Manchester Recon2 director Dr. Thomas Bennett said: “We are excited to partner with ProAmpac as they participate in this breakthrough development.

“Their participation will help further this technology as we engage with the plastics and packaging sectors to create fit-for-purpose industry-specific innovations.”

In August this year, the flexible packaging firm partnered with wholefood nutrition producer Purition to launch ProActive Recyclable paper sachets for powdered meal shakes.