The high-barrier recyclable packaging, which features ProActive Recyclable R-1000 film, has been provided for Craveology Tuscan Herb snack mix


The high-barrier recyclable packaging for Ocean Spray’s Craveology Tuscan Herb snack mix. (Credit: ProAmpac)

Flexible packaging company ProAmpac has announced a high-barrier recyclable packaging for Ocean Spray’s Craveology Tuscan Herb snack mix.

The package features ProActive Recyclable R-1000 film, which is part of the firm’s ProActive Sustainability product offerings.

The R-1000 film, which is designed to support brands meet their sustainability goals, serves as a recyclable high-performance alternative to conventional film laminations. It is available in standard or high-barrier versions.

Featuring high heat-resistance and premium sealant technology, the R-1000 film is said to be more suitable than typical recyclable mono-material films for high-speed form/fill/seal applications and delivers better seal quality.

ProAmpac stated that R-1000 film is recyclable in flexible polyethylene film streams and qualifies for store drop-off in North America.

In addition, the company is offering the R-1000 film with a registered matte or gloss finish or with its ProAmpac’s Signature Surfaces Paper Touch tactile enhancement.

ProAmpac innovation and product development vice president Hesam Tabatabaei said: “When developing R-1000, we wanted to ensure that it maintained the speed of vertical and horizontal form fill sealing machines and ran much faster than typical mono-material films currently in the market.

“It has been engineered with high heat-resistance and unique sealant technology that resists ‘gum up’, burn-through and deformation during high-speed packaging.”

In December 2020, ProAmpac expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a new Signature Surfaces Paper Touch Recyclable line.

The new recyclable paper-touch flexible packaging uses ProActive Recyclable film, which is flexographically coated with Signature Surfaces Paper Touch coating and runs on vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal equipment.