The KerbSafe bags feature a tamper-evident tape seal to protect the product inside while allowing for easy opening


ProAmpac’s KerbSafe tamper-evident home delivery bag. (Credit: Business Wire)

US-based flexible packaging ProAmpac has launched KerbSafe, a recyclable, polyethene home delivery bags for restaurants and other retailers.

The KerbSafe bags features a tamper-evident tape seal designed to protect the product inside allows for easy opening. If the bag seal is opened, it cannot be reclosed.

ProAmpac UK sales director Michelle Grant said: “Due to a global pandemic, ProAmpac’s retail and restaurant customers have quickly pivoted to online ordering and social distancing by increasing the availability of home delivery and kerb-side pick-up.

“Our KerbSafe bag allows for tamper-evident packaging ensuring food and products are more secure and consumers feel safer.”

KerbSafe recyclable bags available in clear or white film

Available in either clear or white film, the KerbSafe recyclable bags also features vent holes at the top of the bag to allow steam to escape from hot food. It also allows for customisable printing to support branding.

In order to meet customer requirements, the KerbSafe bags can contain various percentages of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and are recycle ready for polyethylene film collection streams.

Grant added: “At ProAmpac Collaborative Innovation allows us to identify market gaps and fill them with innovative package design.

“We continue to partner with our customers and respond to market needs in real-time.”

In February 2020, ProAmpac announced plans to construct a Collaboration & Innovation Centre (CIC) in the US to boost development and packaging innovation capabilities.

The 25,000ft² centre, which will be located at ProAmpac’s manufacturing facility near Rochester in New York, to advance product development, application testing and analytical capabilities.

The new centre will support the company’s Collaborative Innovation process, under which engineers and product development teams work together with its customers to expedite the time between initial concept and the introduction of new packaging.