The aseptic spouted pouches are suitable for the packaging of aseptic shelf-stable liquid food for market trials, product samples, trade shows, and launches


FirstWave Innovations partners with ProAmpac for bringing aseptic spouted pouches to the market. (Credit: ProAmpac)

ProAmpac has announced a partnership with FirstWave Innovations, a US-based co-manufacturer of aseptic food products, to introduce aseptic spouted pouches to the market.

FirstWave Innovations, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of SinnovaTek, will leverage the capabilities of ProAmpac’s facility in Rochester, New York, which include highly flexible, low minimum order quantity.

The aseptic filling technology of FirstWave Innovations and the short-run pouching capabilities of the flexible packaging company will enable co-packers to roll out aseptic shelf-stable liquid food in a custom-printed spouted pouch that is both convenient and adaptable.

According to ProAmpac, the new capability is suitable for market trials, product samples, trade shows, and launches. The available pouch sizes are 3.2oz, 4oz, and 8oz, said the packaging firm.

SinnovaTek CEO Michael Druga said: “When launching new products, it’s not uncommon to have a label update or even multiple versions of a label.

“We’re happy to offer a low-commitment and low-risk way to test new products while showcasing high-quality graphics in this new spouted flexible pouch format.”

ProAmpac said that the aseptic packaging technology gives a convenient reclosable flexible spouted pouch for shelf-stable liquid food.

The company said that aseptic packaging technology allows a sterile product to be filled into a sterile package within a sterile setting to produce a shelf-stable food package without any requirement for refrigeration.

Upfront engraving costs can be eliminated by using its short-run digitally printed pouches, said ProAmpac, while grouping multiple products can be done during the printing process for maximising efficiency.

This capability when combined with the Rochester site’s short-run pouching helps new products to be launched to the market without the costs of larger production runs. The products will also have the shelf appeal of flexographic printed packaging instead of applied labels, said the packaging company.

ProAmpac global package design, applications and business development VP Sal Pellingra said: “Spouted pouches continue to replace rigid containers in new applications and partnering with SinnovaTek’s proprietary aseptic technology is a great opportunity to leverage this trend using less packaging in a growing food technology platform.

“This is another great example of collaboration utilising our broad capabilities to help partners and brands get new products to market with less complexity and increased speed.”