Driven by increasing demands for anti-counterfeit protection Alcan Packaging has introduced "HoloAuthentica" for applying holographic images to packaging in register with either flexo or gravure print.

Created using special inks, the “cost-effective” concept is designed particularly to protect high value items such as perfumes, spirits, cosmetics and electronic goods. The printed hologram feature adds shelf impact and aids consumer recognition of genuine goods, and is claimed to be “virtually impossible” to copy.

With the ability to apply either diffraction pattern holograms or custom-designed images, HoloAuthentica is ideal for use on the transparent OPP traditionally used as an overwrap for cartons and other primary packaging and on polyester and other transparent films. It is said to be extremely difficult to remove without tearing, an especially important characteristic for products like make-up and pharmceuticals that are easily damaged and need to remain sealed.