Print your own seawater-resistant labels

Print your own seawater-resistant labels

  • New HERMA PP inkjet film (grade 821) is approved for marine use according to BS5609 Sections 2 and 3, which includes printing.
  • Selected commercially available inkjet printers enable users to print very small batches of their own seawater-resistant labels affordably and just in time.
  • Characterised by strong tack, the very resilient 63B adhesive for critical surfaces is applied to the film as standard.

Many hazardous goods labels that are applied to barrels, drums and other receptacles have to retain their adhesive properties in contact with seawater for several months. In addition, the inscription must remain legible for a similar period in order to rule out possible recourse and compensation claims. Until now, only commercial label printers have been able to deliver the necessary print quality. But the new HERMA PP inkjet film (grade 821), together with certain regular inkjet printers available from Epson, Primera and Kiaro, allows users to be more flexible and print their own seawater-resistant labels for individual jobs just in time. This breakthrough was achieved recently when the new inkjet label stock was certified to BS5609 Sections 2 and 3. The certification is valid for the printers Epson TM-C3500 and Colorworks TM-C7500, Epson Colorworks TM-C7500G, Primera LX2000e and Kiaro D print systems.

"In combination with pigment ink, our new adhesive material is predestined to print small and very small batches in particular both efficiently and at a favourable cost," comments HERMA sales director Ralf Drache. HERMA film grade 821 is produced specifically to promote the very fast drying of colour inks – even when multiple colours are being overprinted, as is the case with photographic images. This film is also highly scratch-resistant.


Especially resilient and with strong tack

The standard coating for the film is the HERMA adhesive 63B. It is an acrylate-based permanent adhesive that offers excellent processing parameters – a major bonus for film applications in particular. In view of its aggressive adhesive behaviour, this grade is ideally suited for critical surfaces, such as rough carton, for applying labels to small plastic containers, metal containers, or drums containing chemicals, and for hot filling applications. It resists the influence of water, light, heat and ageing especially well and is an ideal option for applying labels to moist and cool surfaces. And no matter what the machine, its die-cutting attributes are excellent.