The WP-12 three-sided Seal VFFS pouch machine produces up to 320 filled pouches of 3ml to 86ml/min. A single roll of laminated plastics is used to give mouth-friendly pouches with wrap-around registered graphics.

Designed for food processors looking for a way to enter the tubular pouch market on a limited budget, the system is ideal for small volume producers of liquid and viscous convenience foods and drinks and novelty products. It also offers a solution to processors wishing to test market products in tubular shaped three-sided pouches.

Pouches produced on the WP12 are said to have high seal integrity and use 10% less packaging material. Face to face fin seals on the pouch side provide a sanitary alternative to lap or butt seal packages, as the WP-12’s fin seals ensure that products never have incidental contact with the raw edges of packaging materials.

WP12 can accommodate a film width of up to 325mm and produce two or four filled packages/cycle. It is compatible with a range of poly and metallized laminated structures and film types while a piston filler provides fill accuracy for hot filled and ambient temperature products from 1-90 °C.