In the USA, Rexam Healthcare Flexibles has introduced a breathable pouch using its patented Core-Peel technology, coextrusion coated to polyester and sealed to uncoated Tyvek.

“The Core-Peel pouch is the ultimate clean peel pouch,” boasts Mike Oberkirch, marketing director for pouches. “It provides a particulate and fibre-free peel, unlike traditional pouches made with coated or uncoated Tyvek. We are seeing increasing industry attention to the elimination of particulates in the manufacture and packaging of medical devices, particularly for invasive devices such as coronary stents and catheters.”

The Core-Peel pouch is said to address this concern, and offer a lower cost option compared to pouches made with coated Tyvek.

During the sealing process, the Core-Peel seal layer imbeds itself into the fibre structure of Tyvek. When peeled, the seal layer breaks through cleanly and offers visual seal transfer for confirmation of seal integrity.

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