The sticky mess frequently left behind on gel and foam products could well be wiped away for good thanks to the development of what is believed to be the first spray cap actuator to solve this problem.

Rodd Industrial Design, in partnership with spray technology specialist Lionstar Corp, developed the patented actuator which is now licensed to Dutch cap and closure manufacturer Ten Cate Plasticum, for European sales. The first commercial application is expected early next year.

Developed for any foam and gel products, such as those in the personal care, pharmaceutical and food industries, the actuator is designed to solve the cause of post-foaming rather than plug the symptoms says Tim Rodd director of Rodd Industrial Design.

The actuator overcomes post-foaming, caused by product build up in a cap’s internal channel, by squeezing out all material in the spray channel, which is opened momentarily when the actuator is pressed.

As a twin shot injection moulded part, the new cap features a rigid plastics base and soft touch flexible elastomer top section, fitted closely to the base. When the actuator is pressed the product is forced from the can under pressure. It deforms the elastomer into a control-led channel which then snaps shut when the actuator is released, squeezing out all the product in the process.

   The cap shape can be designed to fit brand image and different aerosol cans. It is available in 35mm diameter upwards.

The development is part of Rodd Industrial Design and Lionstar’s ultimate goal to create an all plastics compressed air aerosol pack which eliminates the need for chemical propellants. “We are not far off at all,” reveals Tim Rodd.