The partnership will evaluate and develop bio-based materials that can be used as an alternative packaging for Poland Spring products


The new bio-based solutions will be developed to serve as an alternative packaging for Poland Spring products. (Credit: congerdesign from Pixabay)

Poland Spring Brand, part of Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA), has joined forces with the University of Maine and its Forest Bioproducts Research Institute to study bio-based materials.

The partnership will focus on the assessment and development of bio-based solutions, which can be used as an alternative packaging for Poland Spring products.

The university will evaluate the new possible uses of materials collected from sustainably harvested Maine wood, enabling to boost the circular economy by contributing to the total utilisation of this renewable resource.

University of Maine president Joan Ferrini-Mundy said: “Forestry is a cornerstone of Maine’s economy, and the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute was created to provide and promote technology validation and partnerships that will meet societal needs for materials, chemicals and fuels in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner.”

The new biomaterial technologies will help replace petroleum-derived non-renewable materials

Poland Spring has decided to work with the University of Maine to evaluate biomaterial technologies, which can replace petroleum-derived non-renewable materials.

NWNA has also pledged to reach 25% recycled plastic across its US domestic portfolio by 2021 and reach 50% by 2025, in addition to exploring alternative packaging.

Poland Spring is expected to be the first major bottled water brand in the US to achieve 100% recycled plastic across its still water portfolio by 2022.

The brand is already offering one-litre, 1.5-litre, 700-mL and 20-ounce bottles in 100% recycled plastic.

NWNA chief sustainability officer and vice president David Tulauskas said: “The University of Maine is pioneering new renewable and sustainable wood-based materials and processes that can be used as an alternative to petroleum-derived products, making them the ideal collaborator as we strive for a low carbon, waste-free future.”

Poland Spring has three Maine bottling plants in Poland, Hollis and Kingfield. It also has spring sources in Fryeburg, Dallas Plantation, Poland, Pierce Pond Township, Kingfield, Denmark, Hollis, Lincoln and Rumford, Maine.

In July this year, NWNA announced the launch of three domestic still water brands in the US in 100% recycled plastic (rPET) packaging as part of its sustainable efforts.