A new foam density in 3M's Cushion-Mount Plus flexo plate mounting tape range is said to allow printing of solid colours at higher speeds without bouncing, while still maintaining excellent dot control on mixed image plates. Early users have run presses with great success at speeds of 350 m/min, the company states.

1720M Cushion-Mount Plus tape is the first product in the 17 Series foam density. The plate side adhesive has reduced adhesion to hold the plates firmly in place during printing, but allowing ease of mounting and clean removal after printing, whatever the run length. The cylinder side adhesive is a 3M standard giving differential adhesion, so the plate can be cleanly removed from the tape, before the tape is removed from the cylinder.

Overall tape thickness is 20 thou (0.51mm), probably the most popular gauge for wide web printing, but 15 thou (0.38mm) and other gauges will follow shortly.