OxyStar, claimed to be the world’s first recyclable PET barrier material, will help create a closed-loop PET recycling stream


Placon has unveiled new recyclable oxygen barrier material OxyStar. (Credit: Placon)

Plastic packaging solutions provider Placon has unveiled a new recyclable oxygen barrier material, known as OxyStar, as part of its sustainable efforts.

Claimed to be the world’s first recyclable PET barrier material, the patent-pending OxyStar is provided with a #1 recycle symbol, while the most of the current barrier solutions are classified as a #7 recycle symbol that cannot be recycled.

OxyStar can be placed into the PET recycling stream, thereby allowing it to use again in production applications.

Placon’s new sustainable barrier material uses an active oxygen barrier, which ceases oxygen ingress via a free radical chain reaction within the packaging sidewalls.

The oxygen ingress will be near zero during the shelf life of the OxyStar active agent.

Placon stated that its OxyStar product will enable to create a closed-loop PET recycling stream as it can be used over again as this packaging application designates the #1 PET recycle symbol.

Placon food processor sales manager Brian Hodek said: “Being able to create a barrier packaging solution that uses the #1 recycle symbol to maintain a closed-loop recycle stream helps support our mission and vision as a packaging company.

“This barrier application took significant time to develop, but our team has already started working with key customers across the United States and we anticipate many more customers inquiring about OxyStar as we start developing new custom food packaging in the coming months.”

In July last year, Placon introduced two new products, including Fresh ‘N Clear GoCubes 14-ounce insert tray and CrystalSeal Dimensions angled base with high dome lid container.

The company has produced both trays using EcoStar post-consumer recycled PET.