Aspect 3.6mil release liner base paper has been designed to be compatible with different catalysts and silicone systems


The new Aspect 3.6mil release base paper for medical and industrial applications. (Credit: Business Wire)

Pixelle Specialty Solutions has introduced a new release liner base paper, dubbed Aspect 3.6mil, for industrial tape and medical applications.

The new release base paper includes a densified and super-calendared kraft sheet with a functional back for dual side differential silicone coatings.

The functional backside of the new release base paper will help deliver better print integrity, said the company.

Aspect 3.6mil, which has been designed to be compatible with different catalysts and silicone systems, offers better holdout and anchorage to enhance curing.

Pixelle stated the cross web and down web release consistency ensures uniform performance along with dimensional stability for laminate lay flat.

Pixelle Specialty Papers vice president Bob van Helden said: “As a new roll liner option, Aspect 3.6mil joins the broader range of release liners from Pixelle, including the Exhere, PointSil and GlazeSil families of clay-coated kraft, densified, poly-coated, supercalendered and hygiene kraft release liner papers.

“With calipers ranging from 1.7mil to 10mil, Pixelle offers the most comprehensive portfolio of release liner papers manufactured in the U.S.A.”

The A4 paper machine, located at the Pixelle Androscoggin mill in Jay of Maine, has been used to manufacture Aspect release liners.

Pixelle’s advanced machine, which manufactures a range of release liners and label facestocks, will help meet the requirements of the pressure-sensitive industry.

In February 2020, Pixelle introduced a new Aspect lightweight 2.1mil release liner paper to support both film and paper label facestocks for high speed automated labelling applications.