Jagenberg London has supplied a new coating head to accompany two 500mm web width, three metre length dryers at the Nelson, UK, R&D division of J Rostron Engineering. These are an air flotation unit and a conveyor supported impinge- ment dryer.

The head can be configured to at least nine different coating processes, including direct gravure, and reverse gravure with either nip-fed or kiss web paths. Wire wound or smooth metering bar systems are also available with dip or gravure solution application.

The gravure cylinder is a full production size of 200mm diameter and 600mm roll face, with a Harris & Bruno enclosed solution applicator chambered doctor blade system. This is suitable for aqueous, and most solvents. The liquid chamber is small and therefore only a few litres are said to be needed for a short test run.

Customers using the trials facility will have to pay for their own etch patterns, as these are specially chosen for the coat weight and solids. The first cylinder is steel, etched and chrome plated, but others can have ceramic coatings.

More information from: Jagenberg (London) TEL: +44 (0)20 876 33737.