Phobio, a provider of device trade-in and workforce communication platform, has introduced new environmentally-friendly packaging to safely ship laptop trade-ins.


Image: Phobio's new packaging specifically designed for laptops. Photo: courtesy of Phobio, LLC.

In support of eco-friendly future of retail industry, the new packaging has been designed to offer perfect balance of device protection and reusability.

The packaging integrates a compression frame corrugated cardboard box which can be reused at least three times. It is expected to reduce landfill waste and shipping costs for users.

The compression frame design features a film, which can securely fasten the device. It also provides the flexibility to endure potential rigor movements during transit.

Phobio said that the inserts can be reused at least three times while the other components of the packaging are 100% recyclable.

Phobio operations manager Chad Hester said: “Our customer support team is dialed in to feedback surrounding all aspects of our trade-in system.

“In reviewing the packaging, our team set out to design a better package that not only provided better protection of devices while they are being shipped, but also were reusable and aligned with the company’s environmentally-centric business goals.”

Additionally, the packaging ensures the integrity and safety of devices in-transit thus providing a better trade-in customer experience, the firm noted.

Phobio operations specialist Brian Crawley said: “The compression frame packaging kit requires less materials and is very easy to use, yet it is extremely durable and does not compromise device protection during the shipping process.

“Given the reusability factor, the packaging will reduce Phobio’s reliance on foam and other shipping materials that would otherwise find its way to a landfill. This is a win-win-win for our customers, company, and the planet.”

The new packaging, which is currently available for Mac Book, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro trade-ins, also eliminates traditional foam inserts.

Phobio is planning to increase the compression frame design for other devices including as larger “all-in-one” computers and screens.

Established in 2010, the product portfolio of the company includes SafeTrade, an omni-channel software platform, and Rodio, a workforce communication platform.