It’s 7.00am, the train goes at 7.20 and you’re stuck scraping globs of jellified unidentifiable meat at as great a distance from the nose as is physically possible, while your beloved furry friend takes on the characteristics of its primeval ancestors. That is until the arrival of a pet food container that doubles as a bowl.

Crown Cork and Seal has developed the single-serve steel container for dog and cat food to offer consumers new levels of convenience. The lightweight, 12mm container features a heat-sealed PP peelable lid for quick and easy dispensing.

There is no need to transfer food to a separate bowl – consumers simply peel back the lid, place the container on the floor and it’s feeding time. The container has no sharp edges and a self-adhesive pad on the base helps the container stay in one place and avoid spillage.

The 100g cat food and 300g dog food containers were developed for French food manufacturer Covi for its debut in the competitive pet food market.

Made at Crown’s Perigueux plant, the Covi container features a clean, porcelain-effect white internal coating.

The heat seal and packing process is said to protect food quality and offer a long shelf life. Empty containers can be recycled.

Food processors can increase shelf appeal by decorating the peelable lid with colourful graphics.