With the #OneForOurPlanet sustainability initiative, the firm intends to remove 100% permanent mono-cartons from its packaging by June 2023 in a phased manner

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Pernod Ricard India unveils industry-first initiative #OneForOurPlanet. (Credit: Business Wire India)

Wine and spirits firm Pernod Ricard India (PRI) has introduced the first to-industry initiative #OneForOurPlanet as the firm aims to eliminate permanent mono-cartons from its packaging.

With this sustainability initiative, PRI intends to remove 100% permanent mono-cartons from its packaging by June 2023 in a phased manner.

According to the firm, the #OneForOurPlanet aligns with the firm’s goal to minimise the environmental impact of packaging across different steps of its value chain, from grain to glass. It also aims to aware customers of making environmentally friendly purchase decisions.

Through the move, PRI expects to reduce carbon emissions every year by 7,310 tonnes, which will save 250,000 trees, and reduce waste-to-landfill by 18,745 tonnes. Additionally, the firm also targets to minimise cumulative packaging emissions by over 75,000 tonnes by 2030.

PRI chief commercial officer Ranjeet Oak said: “At Pernod Ricard India, we are driven to make a difference to the planet. Expanding our sustainability agenda to create a greater impact, this initiative is directed at reducing our carbon footprint across each step of the value chain – from grain to glass.

“This initiative also brings to light changing consumer sentiments around eco-conscious purchase patterns to drive adoption of the initiative across markets.

“We envision this initiative to become a larger movement and our stakeholders to turn into advocates by practising and propagating eco-conscious consumption. We are happy to see some of our industry peers already joining the crusade.”

The wine and spirits firm is planning to partner with local communities, NGOs, industry peers and customers to achieve a circular economy. For this shift, the company has also unveiled recycled and recyclable neck tags that redirect consumers to a micro-site solely created for the #OneForOurPlanet initiative.

PRI intends to employ 40% recycled glass by 2025 and is investing in technology to maximise glass bottle reuse while maintaining quality. The firm has goals to cut its entire carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 using these sustainable initiatives.