France-based alcoholic beverages manufacturing company Pernod Ricard has partnered with the London-based design agency Stranger & Stranger to launch a new copper still-inspired bottle design for its brand Absolut Elyx vodka.


Image: The new Absolut Elyx bottle has been made from more than 40% recycled glass. Photo: Courtesy of Petra Blahoutová from Pixabay.

Pernod Ricard said that in the pursuit of perfection and craft, the new Absolut Elyx bottle has been designed to be a symbol of emboldened luxury and provides a bolder shelf stand out that gives a stronger platform for the brand.

The new Absolut Elyx bottle has been made from more than 40% recycled glass, and features the vintage copper credentials central to the creation, through a sleeker, lustrous and more elegant form.

Absolut Elyx global brand director Miranda Dickson said: “With Absolut Elyx we always endeavor to challenge the normal conventions associated with luxury vodka to create a profile that is uniquely playful, luxurious and eclectic.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered with Stranger & Stranger, who truly understand our brand DNA and have produced a piece of art that captures the spirit of the Absolut Elyx lifestyle.”

The company said that only the bottle design for Absolut Elyx has evolved, but the vodka remains unchanged. The bottle shape now features a tapered body and a more generous shoulder curve, while a distinctive embossed label ‘eyebrow’ and heel at the base make the bottle more tactile.

The company claims that Absolut Elyx is the luxury handcrafted expression of Absolut vodka available in more than 70 markets worldwide at 42.3% ABV.

Absolut Elyx is manufactured using wheat from one single estate in Åhus, Sweden, using the brand’s vintage copper still and is produced from seed to bottle within a 15-mile radius.

Stranger & Stranger design director Rowan Miller said: “Our vision was to celebrate the special role copper plays in the distillation process in a way that lends well to the brand’s global reputation for elevated panache. The faceted bottle pays homage to the vintage copper column still from 1921 and gives the bottles a luminescent glimmer.”