Polythene specialist Palagan has invested over £1M in a new three-layer co-extrusion line manufacturing blown film for sheet and bag applications in packaging, bulk handling and general manufacturing.

Housed in a specially built tower at Palagan’s Dunstable plant, the MAM extruder produces high performance polythene film in sheet form, lay-flat or gussetted tubing for bag and sack applications. Maximum web width of the slit tube is 1.75m and annual capacity 3000 tonnes.

The new installation is fully computerised, giving total traceability and repeatability with instant access to several thousand material specifications held within the company’s database.

Palagan says the new line allows it to offer an enormous different range of different constructions, properties, colours and finishes. Friction characteristics can be varied inside and out, UV stabilisers, corona and anti-static treatments or reclaim material can be added for environmental reasons, and any combination of colours produced.