A range of new 100% polypropylene poultry trays from Rexam Plastic Containers, Yate, are designed to retain excess moisture without the need for additional padding, thus reducing packaging costs "significantly".

A leading UK poultry packer has already adopted the patent pending REXsorb trays. Rexam says although they are initially being rolled out for poultry, they are equally suitable for other food goods where moisture may be a problem.

Md at Yate Andrew Copson adds: “Alongside the cost advantages, there are also microbiological benefits to the trays as there have been suggestions that fibre-based padding can encourage bacterial growth and these offer the industry an alternative. Eliminating padding also provides significant supply chain and aesthetic benefits.”

The rotary thermoformed trays incorporate ribbing for added strength and small circular apertures in the base in which liquids and excess moisture can “sit”. “They basically work via simple application of physical surface tension,” says Copson.