An easily cleaned surface is achieved by using belts rather than conventional carrier chains and flights. This means there are no traps to collect dirt, packaging debris or spilt product

The Olimat 2P features a case blank magazine that can be loaded at waist height and uses a pile feeder arrangement to separate blanks from the bottom of the pile and propel them forward into the machine.

At the erection point the blank is gripped positively by vacuum cups from above and below, and opened in a single movement. The hinged product guides then swing open into the case, holding it square for the product to be introduced. The case is then propelled forward through the flap closing station.

All case-handling components adjust for format changes, avoiding the need for size parts.

Olimat 2P is available with a range of collation and case loading systems to handle shrink-wrapped bundles, stand-up bags, blisters, sachets, cartons or bottles and works at up to 12 cases/min.