As one of the largest and most dynamic industry sectors in the UK, and across the world, one would expect packaging to lead the way when it comes to education and training. Now, following approval by the regulatory authorities for the UK, the Packaging Industry Awarding Body Co. has been launched to drive forward excellence both in education and training throughout the industry.

Dedicated to developing and accrediting qualifications for the UK packaging industry, the new awarding body is a division of the IoP.

It will also be responsible for maintaining high standards of teaching by accrediting centres across the UK and also globally to deliver approved learning.

Packaging is a diverse industry with many complex structures so it is important that businesses not only have the best qualified people but can also have a say about what qualifications count.

To ensure this PiABC will offer corporate membership to all packaging businesses so that they can access the Government’s central decision-making process at the same time as shaping the pattern of education and training to help meet ever changing needs.

PiABC provides the industry with one voice with which to develop and propel forward vital education and training to the benefit of all companies, the packaging professionals they employ and the profitability of the industry as a whole.

This important work is being driven by an expert team headed by Fred Hoyland, its chief exective from Sysonby Lodge in Melton Mowbray.

A board has also recently been appointed to steer all aspects of the awarding body’s activities.

It’s wonderful, at a time when the number of awarding bodies is decreasing, that packaging has succeeded in achieving this new status. It now stands out as an industry that clearly values individuals and companies and places great value on maintaining a high standard of up-to-date training for everyone who works within the industry.

John Webb-Jenkins is chief executive of the Institute of Packaging