Companies with ideas for producing paper or packaging from straw, wheat or other types of UK produced grain – or those with existing products with potential for growth – could qualify for a grant of up to £50,000 from HGCA (Home Grown Cereals Authority).

The authority’s Enterprise Awards scheme offers funding for innovative uses of UK produced grain and by-products. It is particularly keen to encourage non-food entries, with paper and packaging one sector being targeted.

Julian Gibbons, chairman of HGCA’s Market Development committee says:” There is virtually no limit to the products which can be developed. If companies have the imagination and can see the potential, we can help by supplying funding as well as management to those who require it.”

Innovative Award winners to date include BioRegional MiniMills, which is developing technology to produce paper from straw, and Greenlight, which produces wheat-based bio-degradable packaging material.

Sue Riddlestone of BioRegional MiniMills said: “We found that the initial application process for the Enterprise Awards was very simple, and as we progressed through the system HGCA offered us help in preparing our plans and presentation. Once the funding has been awarded HGCA continues to help businesses, and management consultancy and marketing advice are available.”

Since 1996 the Enterprise Awards have funded projects which have used an additional 600,000 tonnes of UK produced grain.Products using wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape, linseed and straw are eligible.


HGCA Tel: +44 (0)207 520 3901

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