The new sustainable packaging initiative works to replace unwanted single-use plastic from the food and beverage and packaging supply chains


Pack Green president and chief executive officer James Asali. (Cedit: Business Wire.)

The Pack Green Coalition (Pack Green), a new initiative dedicated to replacing undesired single-use plastic from supply chains in the US, has been officially established.

The initiative will promote renewable and more sustainable alternatives, including paper and other bio-based solutions, with a focus on protective packaging and other short-term uses.

Pack Green will perform three primary functions, including raising public awareness on the plastics crisis and proving that paper and other bio-based substrates are sustainable and cost-effective solutions for delivery packaging.

The initiative will serve as a research hub to study and collect data on packaging and food service material, recycling, and consumer behaviours.

In addition, it would also engage with federal, state, and local governments, to advance the efforts on removing unnecessary plastic from packaging.

Pack Green president and chief executive officer James Asali said: “Consumers are more sensitive than ever to the impact of their purchasing choices on the environment, and the launch of Pack Green is a crucial step to meet consumers’ desire for a more sustainable option to plastics.

“Last year in the US alone, consumers received more than 20 billion packages. Many of those packages contained unnecessary single-use plastic products—air pillows, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam—that can be easily replaced by renewable paper packaging.

“Whether it’s packaging, food service, or countless other single-use applications, there are solutions that exist today to reduce single-use plastic waste.”

By bringing together like-minde organisations, companies, and individuals, Pack Green aims to increase awareness on the opportunities to reduce plastic waste and recommend the use of renewable materials.

Also, it would support policies that are not only in the best interests of paper, bio-based packaging, and forestry industries, but also of healthy environment.

The coalition currently added Ranpak Holdings, a provider of paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, as its founding member.

Also, it has formed a board of advisors with extensive experience in environmental stewardship and renewable packaging, said Pack Green.

Ranpak chief sustainability officer David Murgio said: “Pack Green is launching at a critical moment. Goods are being shipped at unprecedented volumes. Stakeholders from the private sector and non-profits are all setting goals for improvement.

“Governments are looking at new regulations and ESG standards. We think Pack Green can be an important part of the solution.”