MetalFX has developed a software package that makes it possible to produce hundreds of metallic colours from one base colour, without the inconsistency problems associated with metallics.

The MetalFX kit opens up a raft of possibilities for packaging design. LiteFX, for example, makes text disappear and reappear as light hits, catching shoppers’ eyes as they go past.

It is suitable for most packaging substrates, including paper, board, plastics and metal.

A license for the kit, containing 615 metallic colours, can be obtained for a one-off payment from the MetalFX Print Academy. Over 250 UK printers are now licensed to print Metal-FX with CMYK colours.

Major UK retailers and brand owners Safeway, Marks and Spencer, Proctor and Gamble and Tesco are set to undergo trials on existing packaging ranges.

Stuart Lendrum, Safeway buying manager/procurement packaging, said: “Safeway is very excited by the design and print opportunities offered by MetalFX Technology, and we eagerly anticipate developing its use within our own-branded packaging.

“We are currently planning to lead the way by introducing MetalFX on both our Luxury Christmas and Best Christmas ranges.”