The digital identity on the packaging solution will help to correctly detect each package across the value chain

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Paccor has introduced packaging solutions with Digimarc-powered digital identity. (Credit: PACCOR)

Packaging solutions provider Paccor has launched packaging solutions with Digimarc-powered digital identity, as part of its environmentally friendly recycling system.

Digimarc barcode has been used on the packaging solution to correctly detect each package across the value chain.

Digital identity will help to differentiate between food and non-food packaging

The packaging solutions provider stated that digital identity will help better differentiate between food and non-food packaging, as well as achieve quality sorting.

Paccor CEO Andreas Schuette said: “As one of the leading manufacturers of packaging, we want to close the material loop by enabling full recyclability of our products.

“Therefore we have set ourselves the goal of minimising packaging waste, conserving resources and saving energy wherever possible.”

Paccor applies Digimarc’s digital barcode technology in its solution, which enables customers to use Digimarc Barcode directly on the surface of rigid plastic packaging without any extra marking like labels or direct print.

The code offers information regarding the corresponding packaging to the consumers and disposal companies anytime and anywhere. It helps the scanner in the recycling plant to correct the error, even if it is placed in the residual waste by mistake.

According to Paccor, the digital-enabled solutions help to conserve resources, promote recycling and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions.

The Digimarc Platform is a principal technology of the cross-value chain initiative called HolyGrail 2.0, which is designed to enhance sortation and quality rates for packaging in the European Union (EU).

Digimarc barcodes, which are suitable for scanning with smartphone cameras, can be extended imperceptibly over the entire label surface without interfering with the package design.

The barcodes can be prolonged decoratively over the entire plastic surface. Cameras in sorting modules or smartphones can capture these codes on the packaging.

Digimarc chief evangelist Larry Logan said: “We are excited to work closely with PACCOR to deliver a technical solution to industry that will increase the quality and quantity of recyclate that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration. Together we are demonstrating how ‘one way’ becomes ‘circular’.”

In December 2019, Paccor joined Digimarc partner programme to build a circular economy. Paccor entered into a global partnership with Digimarc to deploy digital watermarks to enhance the sorting of plastics.