New AROS products efficiently transfer, store and organize product in automated systems


The new ML6545-325 provides an innovative design in a standard 650mm x 450mm x 325mm footprint. (Credit: ORBIS Corporation)

ORBIS Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, is investing in the automation space through its new Automated Reusable Optimized Solutions (AROS) product line designed for seamless integration into automated systems to facilitate the efficient transfer, storage and organization of merchandise. Launching as part of the AROS line is the ML6545-325: a handheld container with the largest cubic density of any container on the market in its footprint.

The new ML6545-325 provides an innovative design in a standard 650mm x 450mm x 325mm footprint, with additional height capabilities, to ensure the container interfaces seamlessly with today’s high-speed systems. Plus, this container is compliant to FM Global Data Sheet 8-34, as it has been independently evaluated by fire protection experts and licensed fire protection engineers. Optional dividers can be added to improve density and allow multiple SKUs to be packed in the same tote, and multiple bar-code locations help meet application and system needs.

Complete with a variety of key features that optimize their use in automated storage systems, the AROS product line is designed for compatibility with a variety of automated system features, commonly found in food and beverage, e-commerce, retail and consumer packaged goods operations.

“As the adoption of automated storage solutions systems rises to meet growing demands on the supply chain, we are committed to delivering our customers high-quality and efficient packaging solutions for their operations,” said Andrea Nottestad, senior product manager at ORBIS. “We understand that choosing the right container is a critical element in the design of an automated system. That’s why AROS packaging is designed to integrate seamlessly into your operation to efficiently move and store goods.”

Designed to meet the unique needs of every supply chain, handhelds in the AROS line are available in multiple heights and footprints, including 650mm x 450mm, 600mm x 400mm and 650mm x 430mm. Built with system integrator requirements in mind to ensure compatibility, the growing AROS portfolio has several accessory options to provide a complete solution, including dividers and cups for organization, hybrid and smooth bottom floors, and collapsible and nestable options. Plus, like all ORBIS reusable packaging solutions, AROS products can be recovered, recycled and reprocessed right back into supply chain packaging at the end of their useful life.

Source: Company Press Release